gospel wealth, from the American People, creating a nation volume two

Discuss the philosophic origins of the Gospel of Wealth concept and show how it was used to justify the competitive, individualistic ethic that existed in America during the late nineteenth century. Then compare and contrast this philosophy with the Social Gospel as articulated by ministers such as Walter Rauschenbusch.

Nash, chapter 17 The New Metropolis, in The American People, creating a nation and society volume two

Zinn, Robber Barons and Rebels
A Biography of America: Episode 15
Christianity and the Social Crisis (Dorrien)

The Gospel of Wealth

Your initial post should be at least two full paragraphs in length. You should cite from both the textbook and Biography of American video series with in-text citations, e.g., (Nash, 152), (Dorrien, par 4), (DH, par 2) & (BOA, 15). Posts that do not cite from the course sources cannot receive full credit.

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