History of Psychology

It is June 30, 1860 and you are fortunate enough to be a member of the audience in the Oxford University Library to witness the Oxford Evolution Debate. The two main characters in the debate are Thomas Henry Huxley and Bishop Samuel Wilberforce.
Arguing in opposition to Darwins theory of evolution are Wilberforce, Benjamin Brodie and Robert FitzRoy. Arguing for Darwin are Huxley and Joseph Dalton Hooker.
Your task is to review the literature related to the Oxford Evolution Debate and write a reaction paper on the topic. The paper will be a minimum of 500 words and will be no longer than 1250 words and must address all the topics listed below. Your paper should:
a. describe the major differences between the 2 viewpoints,
b. indicate any biases/ preconceived ideas that may have influenced each viewpoint,
c. indicate which sides arguments in the debate you found most compelling and why, and
d. discuss the findings of one research study published in the last 25 years that supports EACH viewpoint (that is, one research study each for the 2 viewpoints).
For this paper you will use citations and references in APA style (6th ed.) and your work will be graded according to your written communications skills, inclusion of required content, and originality of your ideas. The text of the paper should be written in three sections: an introductory paragraph, the body of the paper which will include the details of your argument, and a concluding paragraph that recaps your argument. In addition to the main text of your paper, you will also need to include a title page and a references page (these are not counted into the word minimum/ maximum above). The grading rubric is shown below.
You are required to include at least 5 resources, such as journal articles, biographies, and websites (use caution with websites; theyre not necessarily a good source for empirical information) in the development of your paper. Papers are due no later than the day/time indicated in the Blackboard assignment link.
Grading rubric for reaction paper 1 (50 points total)
Coverage of topic a: up to 9 points (see scheme below)
Coverage of topic b: up to 9 points (see scheme below)
Coverage of topic c: up to 9 points (see scheme below)
Coverage of topic d: up to 9 points (see scheme below)
Paper follows guidelines: 5 points (minus 1 point for each discrepancy)
APA format for citations and references: 9 points (minus .5 points for each error)
For your

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