Japanese Animation vs. American Cartoons

Write a four page paper comparing and contrasting two animations. The subject animations can be feature films, shorts, television shows, web, or game intros. Try to think of a subject in animation that interests you, and then find animations that you can use to make a point about that subject (the influence of Anime, stop-motion vs. 3D, sexism in mainstream animation, etc.).
The main thing to keep in mind is that you want to choose 2 pieces that have a common thread (are they two films about friendship or two game intros ?) when choosing a topic. Once you establish a common thread, it is easier to think about what is different (mood, central theme, intention of the piece, cultural differences if the films are from different countries) and talk about what aspects of animation the creators chose to achieve the end results.
The paper should address the similarities and differences between the two animations. What do you feel are the strengths and weaknesses of the two in relation to each other? What do they have in common, and do they share influences? Cite examples from the animations to support your positions. When discussing tv shows, I generally encourage people to pick one specific episode of each show (a musical episode of the Simpson vs a musical episode of Family Guy. This doesn’t have to be a dry academic paper, you can express your own opinions about the films, but they need to be explained, not just stated as “I liked it” or “this one was funnier”. Discuss what you liked or what was funny—was it more relatable or more completely outlandish ? What kind of humor was used ? Parody ? Political satire ? Dark Humor ?
Your paper will be graded on the clarity, cohesiveness and logic of your arguments.

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