Write a 10¬–12-page traditional literature review on the topic you have been researching throughout this course. You should incorporate a minimum of 10 articles, including the ones used for the Topical Reference List and both the quantitative and qualitative articles that you reviewed. This review should be a focused synthesis of findings in the literature. Thus, you should organize your discussion around themes that emerged in your review of the literature, rather than simply summarizing study after study.

Include the following elements in your review:

1. Title page with a running head
2. Abstract and keywords
3. Body
• Introduction
• Discussion of key terms
• Review of the literature organized by themes
• Conclusion/Summary
• Reference list

Format your Literature Review in correct APA style. As you complete this assignment, please consult Chapters 3–5 of your textbook, specifically reviewing the sample literature review on pages 63–73. Also, see the grading rubric in Assignment Instructions for the specific grading criteria.

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