Legal Issues – Case: Ford v. A.G. Quebec/Devine v. A.G. Quebec (Re Bill 101) [1988] Custom Paper

This paper will have to discuss all the judges decisions from the lower and the upper court but, this paper should have the case study requirements fulfilled in it. This paper should be the analysis of the case thoroughly. But, this paper will have to analyze the entire case, it’s sections that are mentioned by both parties; the concern; the arguments; Legal issues/ questions; the most important are the judgement/Decisions by the judges in this case. And PLEASE Use the Canadian legal References that we can go back on them. Such as: CANLII ; Weslaw Canada; and/or Quicklaw and other scholarly references . I will attach very important material that will give you detailed information about the case being discussed in class and will also attach the case as well.
One more very important point that this is Canadian Law and we studied two kinds of Constitutional Challenges
1. Canadian Charter based on a claim that Charter rights or freedoms have been infringed
2. Jurisdictional
a claim that a government body or agency has acted or legislated beyond their constitutional authority.
Usually refers to the constitutional division of federal provincial powers, but, may also refer to a particular government department or agency.
The court may find the impugned action or legislation ultra vires or intra vires.
Precedent cases should also be discussed to Analyze the case and in giving the decision at the end. Such as: R. v. Mann & or R.v. Waterfield.

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