Media and gender Assessment

The Case Study requires you to select a specific media text/image for analysis. You can select any sense of the media as a topic of investigation your analysis must draw on theoretical module material covered on the module . You must explain the theoretical perspective drawing on relevant literature and apply this to your chosen text/image.

• A semiotic analysis of representations of gender in media tests. For example advertisements magazines, situations comedy, film , soap opera, newspapers.

• A Discussion of mulvey’s ‘ the male gaze’ in relationship to music videos, ; a contemporary index movie or a television drama.

• An Analysis of the representation of masculinity , femininity, sexuality within an ad, magazine films .

Be as imaginative as you like, but chose something in which you are genuinely interested and about which you would like to know more. The case study should be purely descriptive, there must be an explanation of the theoretical model used. The assessment is designed to demonstrate your understanding of the theory and practice of the theory through analysis of a particular media text.

The Case Study Should:

• Demosmtrate Your Ability to explain theoretical perspectives.
• *Demonstrate your ability to apply the theoretical perspective in analysis
• Make a detailed READING of the media text that offers an agurement about its meaning and is supported by theoretical evidence where necessary
• Demonstrate that you have Read and understand relevant core readings from the module
• Be Written in proper prose, with paragraphs , references and bibliography , 1,500 words.

Criteria for assessment

• Relevance of the topic to the course
• Understanding of theoretical perspective
• Relevant selection of examples
• Appropriate application of theoretical ideas to the topic

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