Merck ( Vioxx withdrawl)

1-Organizations and their Operational Problems
(50% of coursework marks for the module) thats my subject , 2- i need u guys to do for me 2 assingments , it will be explained in the instructions i uploaded , plz read all instructions.every student is assinged an operational problem my problem is (Company: Merck

Operational Problem: Withdrawal of drug Vioxx

Source 1:

, i need u guys to do for me a value chain template , i’ll upload the template. it can be done through powerpoint. again all will be explained in the instructions. i’LL upload 3 files , 1) instructions for the coursework , 2) template for value chain , 3) 100 words summary of the problem . all sources should be academic plz. Just to make sure ur not looking for solutions for the problem.

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