Personality Changes Over the Lifespan

Greater attention is focused on personality functioning later in life, given the increasing number of elderly in the U.S. population. For this discussion:
Click Elder Issues in the Resources list below to hear an interview about elder issues with Patty Shirmbeck, Eldercare Division Director of the Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging. If the link below does not work, go to the Archives page, scroll down, and select CAS038 Elder Issues. Click Download Podcast to listen to the interview.
When you have finished listening to the interview, choose a theory you have learned about thus far in this course.
Analyze how personality changes throughout life from your chosen theory’s perspective.
Answer the following questions:
What type of specialized training might counselors need to address the clinical needs of elderly clients?
What specific clinical skill sets may be needed?
You can cite the speaker in the podcast.
Lastly, select one clinical skill the learner identified and propose how this skill can be developed or enhanced. Be sure you select a different clinical skill in each response.

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