Advanced Legal Writing

Your Final Project, which you have been working on all term, is due this week.

Before you submit your Final Project, be sure to review the assignment details to ensure that you have completed the assignment in full:

The Final Project poses a hypothetical set of facts for you to research. Your assignment is to identify the research issues, perform the research, write a brief of one of the cases you discover in your research, and write a legal memorandum regarding the case based upon your research results.

Please double-space your answers and use complete sentences in well-organized paragraphs. Save your project as a Word document. You are expected to support with details any conclusion that you draw from the hypothetical situation. Also, fully define and explain all legal elements and concepts associated with your analysis.

You have been working on the Final Project throughout the course. Each Unit included a required project submission, and you will now submit the final draft of the project. Your Final Project is due by the end of Unit 9.


Write a case brief and an internal memorandum of law based on the case information provided in the Unit 2 project assignment. To complete this project, you will have to perform the legal research, analysis, and writing required to prepare a comprehensive internal memorandum of law.


1. Before beginning, review Chapter 17, “Legal Memoranda,” and Chapter 18, “Legal Briefs” in Legal Research and Writing for Paralegals. You will not be drafting a formal brief for filing with the court as a part of this project, but in preparing your internal memorandum of law, you will want to focus on issues and analysis that support your client’s case.

2. Identify the issues that need to be researched. Don’t get sidetracked by collateral issues. Your assignment is to research the issues regarding who can file a petition on behalf of Jane, who is a minor. There may be unrelated issues, but if they do not pertain in some way to the filing of a petition for asylum, they are outside the scope of your assignment.

3. Assume Jane is a normal 14-year-old minor. Assume also that John and Anne have both retained complete parental rights over Jane, and that there is no prior evidence of abuse by either parent.

4. You will need to research both case law and federal statutory law, since this is a case involving the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

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