Products and brands come loaded with meanings which we use to define ourselves

Using relevant theory and examples, critically discuss the statement above making particular reference to the ways in which products and brands have become part of consumer’s lives.

The focus should be on the following – values and meanings ; how brands/products help to define the self and how these brands/products have become interwoven into the fabric of everyday life.Buyer Behaviour – 2013 Coursework Briefing Think Carefully about the following:

*What do brands/products mean?

* The readings I am sending you all via Moodle are to HELP you with this assignment. Seminar readings! Use them as a starting point (seek out additional references from those papers)

* Where does meaning come from (remember P.E.S.C) – how do consumers understand and perceive •Minimum of 15 ACADEMIC references.

I want to see references on EVERY PAGE of your assignmentBuyer Behaviour – 2013 Coursework Briefing

What does a ‘good’ piece of work look like: “One influential account of globalisation, the McDonaldisation theory (Ritzer, 1996: 76; Clark and Mathur, 2003: 146), argues that cultural influence flows primarily form the U.S to the rest of the world. A conclusion from this would be that the emergent global culture is simply the exportation of U.S culture to the rest of the world; however, this is a rather simplistic view. Zwingle (1999: 45) pertinently states that goods move, people move, ideas move and cultures change; so it could be seen that due to these variables of products, people and ideas (or, rather ideological thinking which could be used to describe the West) all have knock on effects for a nations culture.”

What does a ‘poor’ piece of work look like: “Furthermore, the right planning also includes taking into consideration the glocalisation factor. This is because there are no boundaries for tourists and as long as they are aware of the fact. This is the reason why international branding is essential to be utilised, in order to be able to create a dominant brand name and get the interest of the consumers.”Buyer Behaviour – 2013 Where to look for resources

The Library – LOCATE

Google Scholar Journal of Marketing Journal of Marketing Research Journal of Consumer Research Marketing Science Journal of Retailing International Journal of Research in Marketing – Official Journal of the European Marketing Academy Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science European Journal of Marketing Journal of International Marketing Industrial Marketing Management Psychology and Marketing International Marketing Review Journal of Advertising – official journal of the American Academy of Advertising. Journal of Business Research Marketing Letters Journal of Advertising Research Journal of Marketing ManagementBuyer Behaviour – 2013 Where to look for resources Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing Quantitative Marketing and Economics Journal of Interactive Marketing (formerly JDM) International Journal of Advertising Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing International Journal of Market Research Journal of Strategic Marketing Journal of Services Marketing Consumption, Markets and Culture Advances in Consumer Research Journal of Consumer Behavior Journal of Marketing Communications Marketing Theory Journal of Macromarketing

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