The Alamo – a movie by Ron Howard

You may choose to write on the following topics regarding The Alamo – a movie by Produced Ron Howard:

1. The Alamo by Ron Howard revealed many historical facts that are not commonly known by those familiar with the story. Discuss (a) what you learned from the film that you were not aware of prior and (b) discuss your overall thoughts regarding this important time in the history of Texas.

2. As was revealed by the film, the battle of the Alamo was not simply a fight between Mexicans and American immigrants in Northern Mexico. Immigrants from the United States fought along side native Mexican citizens to topple Santa Anna and his tyrannical rule. Discuss this phenomena and how you feel it helped to shape the unique personality and culture of San Antonio and Texas as a whole. How has this revelation changed you perspective (if at all) regarding the character of this city and State?

3. In the film, Santa Anna states that his mission is to preserve the integrity of the national territory so that in the future, their grandchildren, and the grandchildren of their grandchildren do not have to suffer the disgrace of begging for crumbs from the Americans – that Mexico did not win its independence from Spanish rule only to have their territory stolen by pirates. Discuss Santa Anna’s comments given (a) what we now know about the Mexican American struggle for equality in the United States today, and (b) what we know now about the state of chaos that now grips the nation of Mexico.

4. Select a historical character(s) from the film (William Barrett Travis, Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett, Sam Houston, Juan Seguin, etc) and discuss their contribution to the formation of the Republic of Texas. Were their motives honorable in your opinion? Were they real heroes or self-interested individuals seeking to make a new life having failed to do so successfully prior?

5. If neither of the topics above suit you preference, write on a topic of your own choosing.

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