We Can But Should We


Use Word Processing format. Microsoft Word 2007 is the required file format.
Length 2 to 3 pages, excluding title page and references.
Content consists of an introduction, body of analysis, and conclusion with citations and references.
Technical Writing APA format required for title page, citations, and reference page.
APA Format all margins are one (1) inch; double-spaced throughout including title page and references; Times New Roman font, size 12 point; third person voice

The government has created a committee to investigate the potential of implanting a chip in every U.S. citizen. In order to reduce the issues surrounding patient safety including patient identification, and maintenance of a complete and accurate history of disease processes and medications, this chip will contain all of the individual’s medical information.
When the patient arrives at a point-of-care, the CHIP is scanned, and all of the information is uploaded into the provider system. Upon discharge, information is then downloaded back to the CHIP.
You have been invited as a nursing representative for your state to provide a report to the committee regarding the use of the CHIP.
1. Analyze the pros and cons of the use of the CHIP. To assist you in analysis, explore the HealthCare IT News (http://www.healthcareitnews.com/) and investigate other sources on the internet or in the current literature. There are companies currently producing chips. Read their marketing information for additional background information.

2. Present your analysis in a scholarly APA formatted paper with the following elements:
a. Title Page
b. Citations throughout
c. Introduction Catch the reader’s attention with interesting facts and supporting sources.
d. Body of analysis Present the pros and cons about the CHIP. Think globally and historically.
e. Conclusion and Recommendation – Summarize the analysis and offer a recommendation. Is the CHIP the way to go for the future of health care interoperability and portability?
f. Reference Page

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