history of porstmouth naval hospital virginia

As the first part of the session long project identify and briefly explain one health care organization that you are currently or have previously been involved with.

The organization you select should be one that you know well. I would prefer that you pick the one that you work for. That way you will have better access to information. If you select a different organization, and you may, make sure it is one about which you can easily find information.

Session Long Project Expectations: for this first module, please submit a 2-3 page paper (utilizing 3-5 peer reviewed references) with the following:

Identify the organization

Discuss the 4 threats (Environmental, Economic, Government, and Demography) as they apply to your organization.

The page length for this assignment should be between 2-3 pages (not counting your title page and references). Be sure to properly cite all references

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