Why did Hostess Brands Inc shut down and relate it to organizational theories of running a corporation

This report should explain why did the Hostess Brands Inc company shut down and relate it to the organizational theories of running and managing a business. This report is a review and needs to reach a conclusion on how the event was handled and the influential factors. Also, it should include a summary of events and identify Issues-In this section I need to highlight specific organizational theories. Was the application of the theories positive or negative? How did the identified issues impact the organization. What corrective action was taken or should be taken to avoid a repeat of the event? Also, I have to explain the significance of religion/faith in this event. Did religion affect this event in anyway? Please make this report good enough so I can get an A+ on this assignment but at the same time don’t make this report too perfect that my teacher will suspect I did not make this report. Create this report so it looks like a high school student made it.

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