Video Presentation – The 2010 Haiti Earthquake

Prepare a presentation of your research paper using Adobe Connect. Post your presentation in the assignment tool and in the Dialogue on Video Presentations discussion to share with your peers. This presentation should be a 3–5 minute overview of your research findings as well as key observations and conclusions you reach in your analysis of the literature.

To complete this portion of the project, you should have the majority of your research completed and have a detailed outline for the final research paper, including major concepts, observations, and conclusions. Follow these guidelines:

Use your outline as the basis for writing a 3- to 5-minute presentation of your research.
Consult the multimedia piece Creating a Presentation: A Guide to Writing and Speaking for tips and tutorials.
Using PowerPoint or another program, create slides that will serve as a visual aid to accompany your presentation.
Be sure to use APA 6th Edition citations within the slides to reference all your sources.
You should have a References slide at the end of the presentation.
Using the Adobe Connect tool, your webcam, and the microphone, record yourself giving the presentation.
Leave time during the week for at least two practice sessions before the final recording.
Dress in appropriate business-casual attire.
Look into the webcam as you speak.
Speak clearly, directly into the microphone.

Please include introduction, conclusion and references,pictures. Please use powerpoint slides thanks

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